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Biodegradability Evaluation Test of Plastics

1. ISO14855

Managing plastics waste is becoming serious issue among the world.
Biodegradable plastics that is to be resolved by microorganisms in compost and soil bear important role for reducing environmental negative impact.
ISO14855-2 is the method to measure and determine the degree of biodegradability by “Gravimetric Measurement of the Amount of Carbon Dioxide evolved” from plastic material in compost.
Compared with the earlier method by ISO14855-1 which uses continuous infrared analysis, gas chromatography or titration, this new method can do testing with compacter and smaller equipment.
Test result is more accurate, more certain as that uses gravimetric measurement.
Saida has been involved to develop test apparatus MODA from the start of the development of the method with governmental research centers, universities and industrial organization. Based on the expertise we had in the past, we supply the best test service on biodegradability of plastics in the world.

2. Test Procedure

The test material is mixed in the compost, and it is kept about 58 degree C for 45 days at the shortest. Taking out the compost once a week from the reactor to give them stirring at the same time moisture adjustment is done. In total 6 reaction column are used. 2 for test material, 2 for reference material and remaining 2 are for blank.
CO2 measurement is done by measuring the weight of absorption columns of blank, reference and test material. The biodegradation rate is obtained by comparing weight of CO2 obtained from the test and theoretical weight of CO2 obtained from the molecular formula of the test material.



3. Glossary

Test report titled as “Biodegradability Evaluation Test Report” is to be issued after finishing the test. The test report contains followings.

  1. 1. Compliance with ISO StandardCompliance with ISO Standard(PDF)
  2. 2. Test ProcessTest Process(PDF)
  3. 3. Test ResultTest Result(PDF)
  4. 4. Consideration and ConclusionConsideration and Conclusion(PDF)
  5. 5. Appendix DataAppendix Data1(PDF)Appendix Data2(PDF)

4. Pricing

Basic price doing 45 day test is ¥580,000.-.
Price will change according to the days of testing and options such as “crashing sample”

5. Contact

Yoshinobu Ohno
E-mail : y.ohno@saidagroup.jp
Fax : +81-054-623-8623
URL : http://www.saidagroup.jp
143-10 Yaizu-City Shizuoka Prefecture, 425-0054 Japan