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" Since the trial construction of the society utilizing a kitchen garbage and faecaluria as a source of biogas energy started,the equipment to measure methane as an outcome by the digestion of such an resource, wich testing can be conducted as laboratory scale,is highly requested."
MODA-B is the newly developed compact and easy-operation apparatus to realize to do such testing at laboratory scale.


  • Accurate measurement of microorganism activity under anaerobic conditions
  • For evaluation of sludge, microorganism activity and biodegradability of plastic
  • Desk-top type(W600mm×D720mm×H900mm)
  • Temperatures can be set individually
  • Interval of bubbling can be changed
  • Easy operation

System principle of MODA-B

Outline of principle
under Application to ISO,NWIP(WP)

  • Determination of biodegrability of test materials by biogas evolved
  • Wet methane fermentation in slurryphase(TS<15%)
  • Volume of test mixture from 1L to1.5 L
  • Number of Test samples: 2 to test material,reference,and blank,respectively
  • Fermentation at thermophilic temperatures 55℃
  • Fermentation at atmospheric pressure
  • Measure of evolved biogas by a syringe or gas burette
  • Amount of 10g test materials